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Crunchy Slipper

Crunchy Slipper

Crunchy Slipper is the owner of Itchy Dog

Posted by on in Itchy Dog

Glook's built a new PvP arena on Hotdog; classes, loot and a destructible playground!

Head over to HotDog spawn and click on the join sign for Floating Desert. There are some valuable loot drops, and don't forget, you can take them home to ItchyDog.

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Posted by on in Itchy Dog

Alien and Lucca have been helping to get a new Spawn ready. There's a travel hub with portals to the other worlds, old spawn and a whole bunch of random teleports to specific biomes so you can easily find an out of the way spot to build.

There's also a small public farm, public crafting facility and a public mine with an elevator to level 12 and a lucky dip chest. The final part being built is a bonus loot area, but you'll have to find out about that for yourself.

There's a bit more work and testing to be done, then Spawn will be relocated. Watch this space...

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Posted by on in Itchy Dog

The 1.8 server is now live. Depending on network settings, it may take a little while until you end up on the new server.

If you want to make it a bit quicker, connect to ( will still work once DNS changes go through)

Other changes: TeamSpeak is also on the new machine, so you'll need the password to connect first time, and an Op will need to add you back to your normal TeamSpeak group.

Getting help in game is changed; instead of using the /rep command you should now use /et open

For example /et open Message here

will create a help ticket and staff will be regularly notified. You and staff can view your help tickets and add notes to them, so it's a bit better for players as you can now see what is going on after you file for help.

Use /et list, /et reply <ID>, and /et info <ID> to manage and view your help tickets.

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Posted by on in Itchy Dog

So all the shenanigans with Bukkit made for a slow tail end to the year, but things are looking up thanks to the guys at Spigot.

Itchy Dog is being prepared on a new machine at V1.8 and is almost ready to go live, so we can all get back to playing some Minecraft :D


The main map is being reset, but ChewToy and HotDog are staying just the same.

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Posted by on in Itchy Dog

Dingo is the newest server added to Itchy Dog's Minecraft network and is ready for play.
The world is in the apocalyptic aftermath of nuclear war and almost all life has been wiped out apart from the mobs, including mutant zombies who are out to get you!

There are some very rare oases where you might find living plant life, as well as ruined houses where you might find loot including Hazmat suits. You'll probably want to find these as the world is still radioactive and exposure to the world outside the spawn bunker will increase your radiation level, affecting your health and resilience to damage. You should check your radiation level often with /radiation. If your level is below 1.5 Grays, then you can wash the radiation off with water, above that and you'll need golden apples to cure yourself.

If you go over 5 Grays, then you'll be in serious trouble as the sickness will prevent you from eating; so find a suit or craft one from sponge. There are also occasional acid rain showers that will cause damage, so be careful out there.

All is not lost though, as the survivors at the spawn bunker have started the Eden Project to replant the world. There are limited supplies, but you can pick up seeds and grass blocks to get started and transform the desert waste back into lush forests.



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