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Posted by on in Itchy Dog

Dingo is the newest server added to Itchy Dog's Minecraft network and is ready for play.
The world is in the apocalyptic aftermath of nuclear war and almost all life has been wiped out apart from the mobs, including mutant zombies who are out to get you!

There are some very rare oases where you might find living plant life, as well as ruined houses where you might find loot including Hazmat suits. You'll probably want to find these as the world is still radioactive and exposure to the world outside the spawn bunker will increase your radiation level, affecting your health and resilience to damage. You should check your radiation level often with /radiation. If your level is below 1.5 Grays, then you can wash the radiation off with water, above that and you'll need golden apples to cure yourself.

If you go over 5 Grays, then you'll be in serious trouble as the sickness will prevent you from eating; so find a suit or craft one from sponge. There are also occasional acid rain showers that will cause damage, so be careful out there.

All is not lost though, as the survivors at the spawn bunker have started the Eden Project to replant the world. There are limited supplies, but you can pick up seeds and grass blocks to get started and transform the desert waste back into lush forests.


Posted by on in Itchy Dog

Just thought I'd give you all an update on what's been happening with the new servers. Some of you probably know by now, that we're back on a rented host; it's a bit of a beast - quad core Xeon 3.7Ghz, 64GB RAM, mirrored 2TB SATA3 drives and 300 Mbps network.

This power allows us to run multiple servers on the same machine, and you can jump between them in game, without logging out and can chat to other players even if they're on a different server. It's really quite cool :)

So, we've got 7 servers running; one lobby and 6 differently themed servers to play on. To jump server just type / followed by the server name in chat or if you're on the lobby server, you'll find portals that you can just walk into.

The Servers

Lobby - This is a small floating island world. When you enter, you'll be in Adventure mode with god switched on. You'll see the portal buildings here that take you to the other servers, or you can just jump with the server join command. Type /lobby in game to get here.

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Posted by on in Itchy Dog

It's been a busy couple of days getting to grips with new software, but it's paid off.

The Test Server has now been recommisioned as Dog House and the two servers are now linked! You can hop between Itchy Dog and Dog House without logging out.

You've got some new commands in game:

/glist - shows you the connected servers

/server itchydog and /server doghouse let you jump between the servers


Posted by on in Itchy Dog

As chat bots go, we all know that Marvin is a bit of an egomaniac and now he wants his own chat show.
He's looking for Itchy Dog players to answer some searching questions about Minecraft and step into the spotlight in a series of interviews in his blog here on the site.

Are you a celebrity? Do you like chicken?

Marvin needs to know the answers and tell the world.
Post in the comments if you think you have what it takes to upstage our self-centred, but oh so loveable bot.

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When I set up Itchy Dog, I just wanted to make a server where people could hang out and enjoy a game together without having to deal with bigotry, egos or just plain dick-headery. I'm pleased to say that our regular players and staff are united on this front and any form of harassment is quickly stamped out meaning that Itchy Dog is a chilled and relaxed place to play Minecraft.

You might wonder why we're even making a fuss out of this; well, here's the thing. We've had new players ask whether it's OK for someone who identifies as LGBT to join the server, and for some people, having to ask that in public can be a big deal. We've had other players join, who have kept their personalities hidden for fear of how others will react (and let's face it, prejudice is all too common in online communities). Then there's the issue of certain terms coming up in general chat that people can find offensive.

So, what I'm saying here, is that Itchy Dog is a welcoming and inclusive server and we have an absolute zero tolerance policy for any type of harrassment or bigotry. I think our first Server Rule sums up our attitude quite nicely:

"Be respectful of people.- no discrimination (racist, homophobic comments or sexual harassment will get you permanently banned). If you cannot abide by this rule then leave now."

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