Simple Sort

Allows you to sort your chests and inventory

  • /sort - Sorts currently targeted chest, or top part of inventory if no chest is targeted.
  • /sort top - Sorts top part of the player's inventory.
  • /sort all - Sorts all of the player's inventory.
  • /sort hot - Sorts the player's hotbar.
  • /sort chest - Sorts the currently targeted chest.

You can also punch a chest to sort it.

Chat Channels

The following chat channels are available. You can use the full name or the nickname to join channels, leave, etc. The nickname is not case sensitive in commands, i.e. /ch G and /ch g are both valid.

Name  Nick What it's for
 Global  G  Global server wide chat.
 Local  L  Local chat with a 100 block radius.
 Help  H  If you need help in game from another player, Deputy or Op then this is a handy channel to talk it through without getting lost in Global chat.
Debate BS We often like to have philosophical discussions about politics, religion, philosophy and food. Keep the BS out of Global in this channel.
Adult A We have younger players on the server, so if your chat is a bit risque you can do it here and others can tune out. Please remember this does not condone gutter language.
Guest GST

Puppies are limited to this channel and cannot talk in the other channels. If you find a guest comes on and starts using offensive language, you can do /leave guest and you will no longer hear them. Further to this, you may ask a Deputy or Op to mute that player.

Note that each time you log in, you will be rejoined to this channel as we like to welcome normal people :)

Craftipedia - In Game Recipe Book

View recipes in the in-game chat (Workbench/Furnace)
No need to view the Minecraft Wiki (e.g. Exiting Fullscreen)


/recipe <item/block here> or /rc <item/block here> - Tells the player a recipe.
EXAMPLE: /recipe diamondpickaxe
(Item/Block must be in one word! NOT TWO OR MORE)


SimpleCarts uses configurable "control blocks" placed under a Rail, Detector Rail or Powered Rail to perform one of many different actions. When a Minecart moves into the space above one of these blocks, that action is performed. Available control blocks are:

Booster: Speed up a Minecart by 2x speed (default Gold Block).
Bouncer: Reverse the direction that a Minecart is traveling (default Wool).
Brake: Slow down a Minecart by 1/2 speed (default Soul Sand).
Ejector: Eject a player from a Minecart (default Iron Block).
Elevator: Teleport a Minecart up/down onto another Elevator block (default Diamond Block).
Intersection: Choose the cardinal direction for a Minecart to travel (default Brick).
Station: Stop a player-filled Minecart entirely, and launch once powered (Lapis Lazuli Block).

All blocks excluding Intersections can be disabled by an active redstone current by default. SimpleCarts also includes the following "utility blocks" (the block types of which are not configurable):

Collector: Gather a Minecart upon collision (always Chest).
Dispenser: Spawn a Minecart once powered (always Dispenser).

or /simplecarts - Command reference for SimpleCarts
/scinfo or /simplecartsinfo - General plugin information on SimpleCarts
/sceject or /simplecartseject - Forces player from a Minecart


/afk - Toggles whether you are set as AFK

 AFK is automatically set after 5 minutes idle. If you type in chat then AFK is automatically cleared.

 /list - Displays players online along with their AFK status

Chat and PMs

For Dog House chat, see this link

Chat is multichannel; Global (worldwide), Local (100 block radius)

To chat in a channel use:

/ch g (for Global)
/ch l (for Local)
/ch list (List all channels)

You can also send chat to the other channel without leaving your current one. For example if you are chatting in Local, you can do /ch qm g <message> to send a one-off message to Global (and vice versa)

/msg player message - Sends a PM to the named player

/r message or /reply message - Replies to the last PM you received


You can use colours in general chat and PMs using colour codes. For example: &cThis will type in red

Click here for a colour chart

Type /ch help in-game to see a list of commands. You can get more detailed information on a particular command by providing a question mark (?) as the first and only argument, i.e. /ch join ? will provide more information on the join command.

/ch g - Join Global and start talking there
/ch qm gst - Send a single chat to the Guest channel without leaving your current channel
/ch who - See who else is listening in your current channel
/leave gst - Stop listening to the Guest channel

See the Chat Channels article for a list of channels, their aliases and descriptions.


Server Connections

Server Connections