/spawn - Teleports you to the world spawn.


This is intended as an emergency get-out, not as public transport.


This is a useful plugin that allows players on a server to report other players they see breaking the rules. The reports are stored in a database until they are deleted, which is especially useful when there are no ops or admins on to deal with the problem. Admins and mods can quickly teleport to the location where the report was submitted to speed up response times. Once the admin or mod has dealt with the situation they can write a report summary for other mods and admins to view.


Players can also use the anonymous feature to report damage to the game world.


/report <player> <details> - Report a player with the details of their offense.
/report <!/*> <details> - Report an anonymous player with the details of their offense, or report damage to the environment.



/report crunchy_slipper He's just too darn groovy! - This would file a report on your favourite admin.


/report ! Creeper damage - This would file a report about environment damage. An Op can respond to the report and teleport there to fix it up.


You have about a single line of text for the details, so you'll need to keep it brief. An Op will contact you if more information is needed.


Server Connections

Server Connections