Server Rules


The Server Rules are subject to change. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the current rules at all times. Please re-visit the rules periodically to keep up to date.

We welcome guests on Itchy Dog; guests have the Puppy rank and are able to build, however to get full access to commands, you will need to apply for Hound rank.


How To Apply
First, you will need to read the rules thoroughly and agree to follow them.
You can then apply by posting a thread in the Off The Leash forum and wait for an Op to promote you.

Your post must include the following statement: "I have read and agree to the rules". You will also need to supply the passphrase hidden in the rules.


General Behaviour
Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated (racist, homophobic comments or sexual harassment will get you permanently banned). If you cannot abide by this rule then leave now.

Mind your manners (don't shove people into lava, off bridges, or otherwise harass them).

Don't retaliate (if you believe you have been wronged, inform an Op or Deputy; they can undo any damage done and will deal with the offender).

Don't flame or pick fights in public chat.

Mind your language (some swearing is OK, but try to keep it to a minimum).

To confirm that you have read these rules please enter the following passphrase into your application somewhere: Woof Woof!

Don't build or place offensive signs and structures.

Don't destroy or steal someone else's property (this includes their farm animals).

Don't enter or wander around someone else's home uninvited (ask them if it is OK to visit first, every time).

Don't cheat (any mod/plugin/texture pack that gives an unfair advantage is not allowed).

Don't ask for spawns (most people will help you from their inventory if you are polite).

Don't ask for teleportation, it is not intended for public transport.

Don't demand attention incessantly; everyone is here to relax and enjoy the game, not feed your ego.


Public Chests and Amenities
Don't assume an unlocked chest is public (ask an Op or Deputy to check it first).

Don't assume a public chest is for your personal stash (take only what you need, nothing more).

Younger Players

If you are under 13, then you cannot play here. If we find out you lied about your age for this, you'll be banned.


You are liable for any actions or behaviour while logged in with your account. If your brother, sister, significant other or anyone else breaks our rules while on your account, you will be held personally responsible.

To further confirm that you have properly read the rules please ignore the above passphrase and instead type Miaow in your application.



Server Connections

Server Connections